About me

I am a beautiful Mistress in my thirties, thin, elegant and very feminine. I currently have 8 years of experience in the art of bdsm. I conduct my sessions in my private apartment in Lausanne, not far from the center but in a discreet neighbourhood.

I am naturally dominant and sadistic. I do what I like, I accept proposals for sessions that suit my own tastes and wishes. I receive many session requests and have the liberty to choose only those that are to my liking.

The pleasure of the submissive is important to me as well and not only my own, one doesn’t go without the other.

Dominance and submission are the aspects of bdsm that fascinate me the most, especially the psychological part of the experience, though I also appreciate the physical side of the play. I love the games of control, education, punishment and recompense, roleplay. I also like to amuse myself by humiliating and degrading a submissive, mocking him and making him feel his inferiority and powerlessness, seeing him realize that he belongs to me and his place is at my feet. I am very playful but demanding and strict, and sometimes cruel, be it in actions or words.

My domination begins at the moment when the submissive presents himself to me, (un)dressed and seated as a submissive – on his knees at my feet. I won’t speak to him disrespectfully or in authoritative manner before that moment, as he is not my submissive until then. During the session I impose strict protocol – with clearly defined rules of behaviour and positions, which will depend on the stage of your education.

My choice of activities is based on the list of what is acceptable provided by the submissive. I usually prefer to select those I believe will be the most enjoyable for us both, always respecting the limits, though it is always fun to test them. I very rarely agree to “custom order” types of sessions, with detailed and precise scenarios that don’t leave much space for my creativity and impulsive desires. The exception can be made for a scenario I find intriguing and that resonates with my own wishes. But as a general rule I prefer the play that is based on complicity where the submissive accepts to abandon himself to me and trusts my experience and integrity as a dominatrix, submitting himself completely.

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